Weekend lashes

weekend lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

weekend lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

These are an alternative procedure to the Lash Perfect Individual Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. Quicker to apply, lower cost these are a quick fix alternative that provide all the glamour but much less longevity.

If you are looking for some short term glamour for a special occasion but do not want the long term wear of individual lashes these are for you!!!! However if you want a more natural look or long lasting wear please see our ULTIMATE EYELASH semi permanent individual extensions.

Semi permanent weekend lashes add volume and thickness to your natural lashes, they last up to a week, depending on how you look after them.

When removing these lashes make sure to use eyelash removal glue, using this will prevent you pulling your own natural lashes out!!! You can purchase eyelash removal glue in the salon.

This is great for hen parties, weekends away, proms and nights out.

With these lashes you can achieve 2 different looks, either a ‘natural look like strip lashes’ or a ‘full on thick glam look’!

These lashes are great for ladies limited to time as they only take 30 minutes to do.

weekend lashes Beauty Salon Halifax


Full set weekend lashes 30min…………………………………………………£23.00

Individual eyelash removal 50ml …………………………£14.00


weekend lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

Aftercare Advice:

Avoid touching, rubbing or picking at your lashes as this can damage both your natural lashes and your weekend lashes!!

Please avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 12 hours, this includes sauna’s, steam rooms and hot baths!

We recommend returning to your therapist to have these lashes professionally removed to prevent damage.

weekend lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

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