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signature package beauty salon halifax

As the longest running independent Beauty Salon in Halifax town centre, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best beauty treatments & packages we can offer!!

We decided to step it up once more by offering our very own Therapy Skincare Signature packages!! We have two Signature packages to offer, a Deluxe and a Mini package.

Our Signature packages begin as soon as you enter one of our beauty rooms. With our dim coloured lighting & the smell of essential oils you will feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. We then leave you to get undressed and get comfy in one of our heated beds.

signature package beauty salon halifax

The Deluxe Signature package starts with a body brush exfoliation on the back and backs of legs when we return to the treatment room.

Enjoy a relaxing hot stones back massage that will help you unwind. Everyday stresses and pains will drift away with the slow flowing movements of the stones. Pressured massage movements can be used on those areas needed for aches and tension.

Once your skin has been exfoliated and massaged, we will then apply our oriental body mask to your back. This is a light creamy mask that will detoxify the mind, body and soul. This combination of essential oils will stimulate your senses, also helps to remove toxins and improves the skins condition.

While we leave your mask on for 15 minutes, we will then massage those tired legs with the hot stones. The heat will penetrate through your skin to completely relax your muscles.

At this point you should be feeling like your whole body is floating on air!!

Continuing the treatment we then turn you over to start your Dermalogica Prescriptive facial. This is a blissfully relaxing facial beautifully adapted to suit everybody’s individual needs, bringing harmony to even the most sensitive skin.

During your facial, after your mask has been applied we will cover your eyes and perform a scalp massage. Enjoy while we comb through your hair and massage those tense areas. Your head is one of the areas that carry the most stress.

To finish your Deluxe Signature package, take pleasure in a soothing foot massage. This will end your treatment with your feet feeling wonderful.

signature package beauty salon halifax

The Mini Signature package is very similar, just shortened down for all our busy clients.

Hot stones back massage

Detoxing back mask

Hot stones backs of legs

Express facial

All for £49.00!!!

signature package beauty salon halifax

Have a relaxing morning or afternoon with our Deluxe Signature package

Full body brushing

Hot stones back massage

Detoxing back mask

Hot stones back of legs

Prescriptive Facial

Scalp Massage

Foot Massage

All that for just £71.00!!!

We hope all our lovely clients enjoy these packages

signature package beauty salon halifax

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