Permanent makeup is ideal for anyone wanting to look and feel great without having to spend hours applying makeup. Men and women who have undergone chemotherapy also benefit from a permanent makeup treatment.

Eyes – You can benefit from permanent makeup with larger looking eyes, Choose from a soft pencilled eyeliner look through to a latino flick eyeliner.

Lips – You can also have amazing fuller looking lips by recreating symmetry, adding a hint of colur to give a lip gloss affect through to having a full lip colour of your choice.

Brows – Permanent makeup also allows you to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. You can choose from a soft powdered looking eyebrow, or maybe a natural hairstroke looking brow, or even a more stronger looking powerful brow.

The real benefit of permanent makeup is you, your happiness and you looking and feeling good

She has a stunning colour range to choose from – over 200 colours, all of which can be mixed and matched to lighten or darken, cool or warm the overall effect. This means that you can be sure of being able to have the right colour and achieve the best results

Part Brows & Scars – £195

Textured Powder Eyebrows – £350
A hint of colour similar to applying pencil. Suitable if wanting a soft natural look.

Hairstroke Brows – £450
Designed to imitate tiny eyebrow hairs.

Power City Eyebrows – £495
Perfect for a more dramatic full eyebrow design. Ideal for clients who like a stronger dark looking eyebrow.

JK Signature Eyebrows – £495
Natural hairstrokes using different colours as well as a soft powdered effect go give a truly 3D effect.

Lash Enhancements – £350
Hint of colour all the way through the lashes, just like youve had an eyelash tint. You can also have a colour applied throughout your bottom lashes to enhance your eye colour.

JK Signature Eyeliner – £395
This is where we create a small flick just on the outside of your lashes. This look really opens up your eyes.

Latino Eyeliner – £495
This is a larger flick where we can create almond shaped eyes. Fantastic for clients who want a more made up polished look.

Smudgy Eyeliner – £495
Colour slightly smudged into a soft shaded eyeliner.

Two Toned French Pearl Eyeliner – £495
An eyeliner with a softer colour above.

Guyliner – £350
For those gentlemen who want more definition to their lashes.

Lipline – £295
If you have the perfect mouth and would like your lip line defined.

Soft Natural Lipblush – £395
This treatment gives you a natural hint of colour and can help with re-defining your lip shape.

JK Sheer Gloss Look – £495
Idwal for clients who are busy and dont have time to re-apply their lipgloss throughout the day. Choose this treatment if you want to see some colour of have a favourite lipstick you want imitating. Ideal for re-creating symmetry to the lips.

JK Intense Lipstick – £595
Ideal for clients who love to wear lip stains and lipstick.

Under 12 Months – £150

12 – 18 Months – £225

Over 18 Months – Full Price minus 20%

(Colour boosts are 1 treatment only)