Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica facials beauty salon halifax

Dermalogica facials beauty salon halifax

For years, Dermalogica formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available, all products are designed not to block the pores and contain no mineral oil or lanolin which stop oxygen being absorbed by the skin. In addition the products contain no irritating artificial colours or fragrances and no S.D alcohol or formaldehyde which dry out the skin. Avoiding comedogenic and allergy-causing ingredients, Dermalogica products use only food grade preservatives, are suitable for all skin types and are not tested on animals.

At Therapy skincare we do 6 different Dermalogica facials. We recommend having a prescriptive facial if you haven’t been before and you’re unsure of your skin type. This facial will give us the opportunity to face map your skin properly and pick the best facial that will suit your skin type best. Also it will allow us to choose the best skincare products for you.

We stock Dermalogica products too, so if you are interested in the products used in your facial, or you have tried them before you can purchase them here.

Dermalogica facials beauty salon halifaxDermalogica facials updates 2017

Aftercare Advice:

After your Dermalogica facial please avoid applying make up for 24 hours, this allows your skin to breath and soak up those nutrients!

Please avoid any exfoliators or harsh cleansers for the next 12 hours as your skin does not need them!!

We recommend staying hydrated to keep your glowing skin looking perfect.



Dermalogica facials beauty salon halifax

 Dermalogica facials beauty salon halifax

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