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The Russian ‘Flutter Lashes’ also known as 3D-6D lashes, originated from Russia using a technique with ultra-fine individual lashes. Layering multiple individual eyelashes onto one single lash, creating voluminous, natural looking eyelashes.  This ‘feathering’ technique created by a Russian Lash expert is going global, after hitting the US it is now taking the UK by storm, make the most out of the most popular eyelashes to date!!!

 You can chose to have 3 lashes placed of every individual eyelash all the way up to 6 lashes. These lashes are a lot finer than the Lash Perfect individual eyelash extensions, creating a flutter look towards the ends of the lashes, making them look more natural at the same time giving you a glamorous look.


Full set- £80.00

Infill- £41

Russian Lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

Home Page Award winning beauty salon halifax Therapy Skincare

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Home Page Award winning beauty salon halifax Therapy Skincare


Russian Lashes Q&A:

How long do they last?

Russian lashes last the same as Lash Perfect up to 6 weeks, if maintained every 2-3 weeks can last months.

What is the difference between Russian Lashes and Lash perfect eyelashes?

They are applied the same way, the difference is Russian lashes are finer & more than 1 lash is applied to 1 of your individual lashes so when applied to every lash this gives them more of a fluttery look. We apply 3D (3 lashes on one eyelash) & 4D (4 lashes on one eyelash) at Therapy Skincare.

Do they last on holiday?

Yes they still last great on holiday; you just need to be careful with sun cream getting into your eyes as this contains oil. The oil will break down the glue and make them fall out quicker. Also be careful with salt water as this can be irritating for your eyes which will make you rubRussian Lashes Beauty Salon Halifax them more.

Can I use normal skincare products?

You can use normal skincare products as long as what you use around your eyes does not contain oil, because oil will break down the glue.

Do I need to keep them maintained?

It is up to you if you want to maintain the lashes. They last up to 6 weeks without maintaining them, and months & months if you maintain them every 2-3 weeks.

How long can I wear lashes for?

You can wear these lashes for as long as you like. They do not damage your natural lashes in anyway. Because your natural lashes have a 6 week life, the individual lashes fall out with your natural ones.

Can you have them done if your wear contact lenses?

Yes you can have them done if you wear contact lenses; these lashes aren’t irritating at all you can hardly feel them on.

Do they come in different lengths and thicknesses?

Yes we have different lengths & thicknesses, your therapist will ask you in your consultation how you want your lashes to look.

How long do they take to apply?

A full set takes 1 hour 45 minutes as we apply lashes to every lash of yours. Then an infill takes 1 hour.

Can you get them wet?

Yes you can get them wet; but it is not advised to get them wet for 1 hour after your treatment.

How do I remove them?

You can either leave them to fall out naturally or we can remove them in the salon for £10.

Can I wear mascara?

You can wear mascara we recommend not using waterproof mascara as it harder to remove. We retail Lash Perfect mascara in salon for £11.95

What happens when they fall off?

They fall out naturally with your own lashes; they don’t damage your lashes in anyway.


Aftercare Advice:

Please ensure you take your mascara wand home after your new eyelashes have been put on!! To keep your lashes tidy and help them grow out perfectly we recommend brushing through the lashes in a morning and at night before bed.

Avoid using any cleansers/eye make up remover that contains oil!! As this can help break down the glue in your lash extensions quicker.

Please avoid getting your new lash extensions wet for 12 hours, including hot baths, sauna’s and steam rooms.

Avoid touching, rubbing or picking your lashes as this can damage your natural lashes and also make the lash extensions fall out quicker!!!

We recommend no eye make up for 12 hours, to ensure your lashes are safe, set and ready to go!

You must return for an Infill every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash extensions looking full and gorgeous! This also keeps your natural lashes healthy and prevents damage.

You must return to your therapist for professional removal of your lash extensions to prevent damage.

Russian Lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

Russian Lashes Beauty Salon Halifax

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