Shellac & Rockstar

shellac rockstar nails beauty salon halifax
Say HELLO to Shellac………. The Power Polish!

  • On Like Polish
  • Wears Like Gel
  • Off in Minutes (really)
  • Dries Instantly!!

CND Shellac delivers 14+ day flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage. Available in 57 different shades, it’s a chip free extended wear nail colour!!

At our salon we have all the colour Shellac does all on sticks ready for you to look at!!!

shellac rockstar nails beauty salon halifax

Rockstar nails are pure glitter in cased between 4 layers of Shellac, to create a smooth sparkling shine that everyone will envy! Everyone goes crazy over these nails!!! They really do stand out, with over 40 different glitters to choose from. You wont have any problem picking the perfect colour for you at Christmas, holidays or for any special occasion!!!

shellac rockstar nails beauty salon halifax

Shellac updates 2017

Aftercare advice!!!

We recommend using a good moisturiser to keep those hands/toes in tip top condition!!

We do advise regular appointments(every 4-6 weeks) to maintain healthy, tidy shellac toes and advise regular treatments (every 2-3 weeks) for shellac nails!
If you have had a shellac manicure please try use gloves as much as possible when washing up, gardening etc, as this will prolong the life of those gorgeous new nails!!

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