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  • Are you constipated due to ill health or just in general?
  • Do you suffer from IBS, toxic headaches, feeling bloated etc….?
  • Do you feel run down, sluggish and lethargic?
  • Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising your body?
  • Then why not exercise your body from on the inside too??!!




Whatever your reason for needing to feel

revitalised, lighter, clearer minded, healthier and more relaxed

our new exciting treatment is just for you!!!




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What is colon hydrotherapy?

The colon (also known as the large intestine or bowel) carries out many functions which are essential for keeping us healthy. It carries out a number of vital functions including the completion of the digestive process involving absorption of water, minerals and vitamins into the blood stream, as well as ridding the body of waste materials. Sometimes a combination of poor diet, stress and lifestyle can make the colon lose its ability to function properly, therefore making it harder for the body to eliminate harmful toxins, which can then have an adverse effect on the body and mind.





History and Facts Relating to Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colon lavage, colon irrigation, complete and enhanced enema, bowel or colon wash was first recorded in the Egyptian Ebers Pyrus in 1500 BC!
Many famous and distinguished physicians of the past have recognized the benefits and/or used colon hydrotherapy to the benefits of their patients! Some of these you may have heard of, Hypocrites (4th & 5th century BC), Galen (2nd century AD).
Physician, James A Wiltsie MD said, “as long as we continue to assume that the colon will take care of itself, just that long we will remain in complete ignorance of perhaps the most important source of ill health in the whole body”. Nearly 37,000 colon/bowel cancers are diagnosed every year! Most of us have suffered with some form of bowel complaint at some stage in our lives, with 1 in 5 of us suffering with IBS.
The liver is the main detoxification organ in the body. Blood that is received from the stomach and intestine goes straight to the liver to be cleansed of any toxins (poisons). If the liver is overloaded with too many toxins it is unable to detoxify adequately resulting in some toxins freely passing through the liver to other organs within the body via and including the heart. Colon hydrotherapy can help clean and dilute these toxins reducing the burden on the liver and rejuvenating the immune system, resulting in internal balance and overall health!
There has been many misconceptions and misunderstandings about colon hydrotherapy over the years, mostly due to the practice being offered by the unskilled individual with limited knowledge of the body and it’s many functions. If offered correctly colon hydrotherapy can offer the individual very individual results.
The fantastic results have continued to impress, this bringing back this very ancient practice into the modern world!




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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Many people have pre-conceived ideas about colon hydrotherapy. The treatment itself is a gentle and comfortable procedure infusing temperature and gravity controlled filtered water. It’s the safest and most comfortable way to cleanse the body and helps to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas and toxic substances from the colon (large intestine) which is one of the most important organs in your body. The therapeutic effect improves muscle tone and re-stabilizes normal bowel movements enhancing the colons ability to absorb nutrients. One of the best things about colon hydrotherapy is that the benefits of the treatment are very personal to the client.









Courses are available and come in sessions of 3 or 4 treatments, only 1 session a week is recommended

(to be taken within a 3 month period)



Please download and complete the Colon Care Questionnaire RICTAT Colonic Record Card




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The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

There are a wide range of benefits that people gain from colon hydrotherapy. One of the benefits is that it assists the body’s normal process that contributes towards encouraging the activity of the nerves in the colon. Due to this benefit, it contributes towards increasing the motion and development of the lower bowel. Colon hydrotherapy can also help with the following;


  • Skin improvements
  • Promoting a return of normal, regular bowel movements
  • Prevention of toxic absorption
  • Clearing the colon of old, hardened, waste materials and harmful toxins
  • Restoring proper PH balance
  • Stimulation of the bodies immune system
  • Balancing mood swings, improves sleep patterns, increase energy levels
  • Reduced frequency of toxin headaches
  • Increase prevention of toxic absorption
  • Relief from bloating, wind, gas and/or bad breath
  • May decrease in food sensitivities and intolerance
  • Relief from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Improves digestion
  • Detox
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • Speeds up metabolism


iWhat’s involved

Colonic Hydrotherapy Beauty Salon HalifaxAt your first appointment your therapist will take a full medical case history and will explain the procedure and treatment process to you, please do not hesitate to ask questions. When you are completely happy and at ease with the process you will be asked to put on a gown and paper pants, these will minimize exposure and maintain modesty at all times. You will then get comfortable on a treatment bed, ready for your hydrotherapy session. A small disposable tube is inserted into the first part of the rectum while laid on your side, this does not hurt!!!!!!! Warm soothing water is then infused into the colon to the individuals comfort (you are in complete control) during your colon hydrotherapy session your therapist may give you an abdominal massage. Massage has a calming effect on the colon which will increase the effectiveness of peristalsis (the muscular action of the colon to push waste through) The water is then free to be naturally expelled along with any waste from your colon into the second tube directly into a waste pipe = no mess!! No odour!!


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Can I have Colon Hydrotherapy?

Everybody, both men and women can have colon hydrotherapy unless you suffer from any of the following:


  • severe cardiac disease i.e uncontrolled hypertension or congestive heart failure
  • Aneurysm
  • Severe anemia
  • Gastro-intestinal haemorrhage (bleeding) or perforation
  • Severe haemorrhoids
  • Cirrhosis
  • Cancer of the colon/bowel
  • Fissures/fistulas
  • Pregnancy
  • Abdominal hernia
  • Recent colon surgery
  • Renal insufficiency
  • colitis
  • Diverticulitis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease



Frequently Asked Question’s

How clean is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is very clean the whole area and toilet facilities are disinfected following each client. The gowns, and tubing used are disposable. Under no circumstances will any disposable equipment to re-used!!

breakerDoes it hurt?

Colon hydrotherapy is comfortable therapeutic and can be a wonderful experience. The biggest concern seems to be the tube entering the rectum, but please let me reassure you that this is not painful or even uncomfortable what so ever! The tube is small and fully lubricated and is only placed within the first part of the rectum. Most people are surprised as they don’t realise the tube is in place before being asked to lay on their back ready for the treatment. Most people will pass much bigger motions than the size of the tube with no effort at all.

breakerAre you a registered Colon Hydrotherapist?

Yes!! There are many colon hydrotherapist that are not registered or even recognized by one of the few registering bodies/guilds. You can find your therapists details on the IACT(international association for colon hydrotherapist) register. We are also a member of RICTAT which is the governing body for all Colon Hydrotherapists.

breakerWill my visit be confidential?

Yes of course! Your colon hydrotherapist is extremely professional meaning that your privacy and confidentiality will be taken very seriously. Nobody else visiting the salon will even be aware of the reason for your visit.

breakerIs Colon Hydrotherapy safe?

The colon hydrotherapy procedure is a very safe method. The water that is used in this procedure enters the rectum at a very low pressure that is then considered much more lower than the pressure that comes from your stool being exerted.

breakerHow many treatments of Colon Hydrotherapy should I have?

This all is purely determined on your condition and your end results of your first colon session. People who have been suffering from certain conditions for a long period of time, it is improbable that your condition will be gone entirely. However, after your very first session, it has been proven that many people can already start to feel the benefits of the colon. It is highly recommended that each individual, invest in the colon hydrotherapy courses that are available. The reason for this, is that, the colon therapist will also be able to help and guide you on what changes you may be required to adapt in your everyday lifestyle, such as; diet, exercise etc. Please note that not all people may be required to enlist any modifications upon their lifestyle.

For example, a person who may consume a lot of food that is not good for them such as takeaways, and hardly drink any water and maintain regular exercise, they will need to inflict changes upon their lifestyle. This would require them to have quite a few colon sessions over a regular period of time. The reason for this, is it will prevent them from feeling bloated and constipated and introducing your five a day and eating healthy meals and drinking plenty of water, will eventually result in you not being required to have as many colon sessions. This is because your body will be able to aid the normal function of the bowel.

Colon Hydrotherapy is nothing like a laxative and has a high success rate of improving the tone of the colon.

breakerWill I lose weight from Colon Hydrotherapy?

It has been said that people may have a slight decrease in their weight when they’ve had a colon. Please note that in a colon session you only lose waste and not any fat. It is suggested that if you start to consume less food that you increase the amount of fibre in your diet and partake in regular exercise and drink plenty of water.

breakerHow will I feel after my Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment?

After your colon session, you will be able to carry on with your day to day itinerary as normal. Individuals can feel like they have a high level of energy after their session, whereas some individuals have be known to feel tired, almost as if completely relaxed after their treatment.

breakerCan I have a colon if I am having a period?

You can have a colon during your period and we do need you to remove your tampon in order to have the treatment. Please make sure that you have a spare tampon or towel that you can use immediately after the treatment.

breakerHow soon after the childbirth can I have a colon? Can I have it whilst I am nursing?

You can have a colon 3 months after a regular childbirth, unless you had complications or a caesarean. You need to decide for yourself whether your body has recovered enough from the shock of childbirth. Make sure your stitches have healed fully, ask your doctor or nurse if in doubt. You can have a colon whilst you are nursing.

breakerHow long will it take?

The treatment itself takes up to 45 minutes, so with changing time, you’ll need to allow at least an hour. Your first treatment will normally take longer as your therapist will need to review your medical history and assess your current bowel health before proceeding with your therapy.

breakerCan I eat before my colon session?

You can eat before your colon. It is recommended that you consume only light foods that won’t cause any upset to your bowel and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.



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